Ron Melville

Papamoa Sales Specialist

I have lived in Papamoa with my family since 1996 and during this time I have sold real estate. That's since my hair was brown!


How do i choose a salesperson agent i can trust?

This is the question most people considering selling or buying ask themselves. The reality is that our industry is heavily legislated in terms of what we are expected to know and how we are expected to behave, but that alone is often not enough for most people.

They want more than someone who is just acting within the rules. They want someone who actually cares and who has a reputation for getting results. The test of a good agent surely must be what people say of them ... so click on my 'Testimonials' and read just a few of my vast collection of the many I have accumulated over the years. By reading them, I hope that you will find that common thread that was important to them may also be important to you.

But in the meantime, who am I?

I have lived in Papamoa with my family since 1996 and during this time I have sold real estate. That's since my hair was brown!

My background is that of a 'career-banker' and I spent over 21 years in the industry (in all sorts of areas from branch banking; lending and management roles to Regional and head office positions as part of a 'change management program', working alongside 'McKinsey & Co' - world renowned for systems management changes) before being caught up in the wave of redundancies in the mid-nineties. Then I took up my only second working career in my life - instead of lending money for properties, I decided to sell them!

I am married and have three great boys and since living here it is amazing the significant growth the area has undertaken - it has literally 'grown around us'. And having been here for a year or two, we've come to know a few people and have interacted and aligned ourselves with numerous local community groups over the years such as Papamoa Progressive Association (ratepayers group), Neighbourhood Support and 'Junior Neighbourhood Support', Papamoa Community Support Centre and the Royal Palm Beach Discussion Group.

Many folk who I have helped in the past welcome my 'down-to-earth' approach and my efforts to provide creative ideas, suggestions and solutions to assist them sell in the most cost-effective way possible for the best price the market is prepared to pay. Likewise I work alongside buyers to find that elusive property and I do really listen to what you are looking for that will work for you. Be it family, local community organisations or valued clients and customers, we are a family who 'gives and supports' to all that we rub shoulders with and the only thing we 'take' is the time to help as many people as we can that we come into contact with.

If I can help you too, please give me a call and allow me to take time to speak with you about what it is I can help you achieve. If you are not quite ready yet to have me help you sell or buy, but are just thinking about 'maybe doing something' email me anyway and request I forward you a copy of my 'brand book' (a lovely glossy publication) via snail mail.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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